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Space for rent
Space for rent
These areas designed to fit you - not vice versa!
The top business location Cube III provides for every need the appropriate rental space - every business is different and has different requirements and demands.

Whatever is the industry, and the use, Cube III manages the design of your rental space according to your preference and individual requirements.

In this building you will find the perfect setting for your business success. The location offers excellent connectivity, a perfect infrastructure and opportunities in the 3 countries on your door steps.

The location of service | technician | Architecture designers, etc. and those who need plenty of space.

The top location offers excellent connectivity and numerous unique locational advantages - exactly what you need:
technical requirements and flexible office space
cheap room layouts / heights
Storage areas
Shipping and distribution space with efficient access roads, loading
docks and storage areas

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Rental space
Floorplans download (1 MB)
Layouts EC, 1st floor-6OG download (1 MB)
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