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CUBE III Object Rental space Amenities Office Warehouse Location Tenants
The property has a total of 11,800 square meters consisting of 3800 square meters for the 8 floors offices building; 8000 square meters attributable to the warehouse building. The 8 floors building space in the cube is primarily intended for use as office space. Floor 1 and 2 could be used in part for technical but quiet sector.

Each floor of the CUBE III tower offers units with 460 square meters of office space per floor. It can be divided in sections ranging from 20 - 460 square meters of rental space. The floors are so flexible to provide all office concepts from a modern office layouts to a classic cell office, or open space offices.

The south wing of the warehouse has two floors with a footprint of 80 x 50 m. The warehouse has on the ground floor level on the west side of a truck ramp for a distance of 55 meters.

The outdoor area features 6500 square meters for 200 car parking space, green areas and 18 trucks start ramps are used around the building.

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